David Munson is Munson3D


3D design professional focused on best leveraging 3D data to visually communicate in architecture and planning using accurate and realistic 3D representation in both virtual and physical form. The resulting visually rich solutions are an ideal medium through which we can work out the range of possibilities of what the future can be.


Unique color 3D printing expertise using 3dsMax to design models based on whatever source data exists using a 'digital model shop' approach tying together the virtual and physical representation efforts. A by-product of crafting files for color 3D printing is often an enhanced visual computer model and conversely, existing visual models are a great start towards files for 3D printed models!




3D PRINTED MODEL DESIGN & PRODUCTION using a variety of 3D print materials. Most of my production leverages the array of state of the art 3D printers at CadBlu in Lowell with whom I've worked with for several years. Other output sources have been leveraged depending on project time frame, price and material selection.


3D VISUALIZATION DESIGN & GRAPHIC PRODUCTION of custom crafted 3D solutions to better communicate complex ideas, realistically.


COMPUTER MODELING based on your source data for rendering, animation, interactive visualizations and quality 3D printing.




What will it cost me to 3D print a project?

There are three parts:

(1) the estimated time for model design & file prep

(2) the 3D print machine's time and materials

(3) post production finishing estimated time

A firm quote can be generated once all the source data and an understanding of the project objective and scope is obtained.


In what way can coordinated 3D modeling change the way we plan our projects?

It's simply about taking a rational, proactive approach towards workflows. the goal being to leverage what work is done in 3D for multiple forms of communication. Realistic color 3D printing as a unique form of communication, is one that people connect with best when seen in person. If the goal is for more people to understand a particular idea in 3D, no other medium is as visually rich and precise.


What information do you need from me to create 3D prints?

Whatever you have and I'll take it from there! Even for straight forward 3D print jobs it's often best to send the native file as well any exports formats such as STL or FBX.


Why would my organization want to have 3D printing to help with our community planning process?

Decisions about our built environment are very important since we live with the results for a very long time and much energy and resources are committed. Realistic representation should play a greater role if we are to have more people participating in the shaping of our shared futures. Realistic color 3D printed models which can be output at varying scales offers opportunities to spur a special kind of inclusive excitement!